Arcadia University students take over Reading Terminal Market.
Arcadia University students take over Reading Terminal Market.

City-wide Scavenger Hunt with First-Year Students

As I sit here listening to “23” by Miley Cyrus, I’m so tempted to write about my experiences at the clubs in Philadelphia, but I’ll save myself the embarrassment on this one.

There is one experience that comes to mind when I think of Center City—no, suburban residents, I was never shot, jumped, or shanked by a homeless person. Rather, it was in the beginning of the semester during Fall Orientation, when the Orientation Leaders (me being one myself) and the first-year students traveled downtown for a scavenger hunt throughout Center City.

Each group had a list of tasks to complete, such as snapping a photo of Chinatown, relaxing in Rittenhouse Square, or recreating a mural using the people in your group (yes, it was as embarrassing as it sounds). Nevertheless, each task allowed us to see a different part of the city, and for many, this was the first time seeing those various locations.

Recreating a scene from one of Philly's mural.

Recreating a scene from one of Philly’s mural.

After a long but enjoyable day in the sweltering heat, we went to dinner at Reading Terminal Market, which is literally heaven on earth. It features food from countries all over the world from France to India to Italy and more—much more.

Since the market was rented out for Arcadia University students only, we were free to roam around and look like complete tourists without judgment… for the most part. I’m a resident of Philly and I still feel and definitely look like a tourist, which shows just how much there is to do in the city.

Once we finished eating, it was back to the buses to take us home to Arcadia. Students—hot sweaty and tired—were raving about the experience. “It was such a fun time!” “I can’t wait to go back!” “Philly is so interesting!”

They certainly hit the nail on the head. Philadelphia is a great city. It’s huge. It’s fun. It’s an experience you shouldn’t miss out on.

Photo of Reading Terminal Market by Rob Hill