Grey Towers Castle, circa 1923
Grey Towers Castle, circa 1923.

I Am the Protagonist

Arcadia University may be the most magical thing that has ever come into my life. The summer before coming here, I kept questioning if everything was real. At one point, I began feeling like I was plunged into one of those fantasy stories like Harry Potter. When you think about it, I do sound like the typical protagonist of a story:

  1. I got accepted to a school no one in Hawaii has really heard of that I applied to out of chance among my list of eight colleges.
  2. It happens to have a castle.
  3. It also happens to be #1 in Study Abroad.
  4. To graduate with my degree in political science with a concentration in international relations, I need at least one global experience (a.k.a. study abroad).
  5. They invited me to study abroad in London for my first year.
  6. One street near school is called “Gypsy Road.”
  7. My dorm building is called Heinz; I happen to love ketchup.

I remember texting this list to my friend, Mard, when I was on another rant about how suspicious the universe was. I had been waiting for my connecting flight to Philadelphia in Phoenix, Ariz., still wondering whether or not I was really going to college.

I am really excited to be studying abroad in London, England, for an entire semester. Since this will be my first study abroad experience, I am also a bit nervous. I’m at a point in my life where I need to learn what it means to be independent. Visiting a different country and learning to adapt and navigate my way around it for a whole semester sounded like a great way to become independent. Maybe this experience will even change my perspective or give me a better idea of what I want to become in the future. Sometimes I do wonder why I chose my major, or if I really wanted to remain in the field of political science. Hopefully, this experience will help me find myself at a better standpoint.