Photo of blimp by Leo Watson

Kind Strangers on the Streets of Glenside

I am fortunate enough to live only 45 minutes away from campus, so last week I decided to take the train home to visit my mom and her cousin for lunch. I didn’t have lots of time to get to the train, so I was in a little bit of a rush. This was the first time I walked through downtown Glenside by myself, and it was an interesting experience.

My hometown does not have a little downtown area where one can walk around and peruse little shops or enjoy a nice lunch. However, in many places that have this I find that the people are kinder and more willing to smile at you in passing. When I have little smiles or exchanges with strangers it often brightens my day.

As I was making my way down, I wasn’t paying much attention while I texted my mom trying to figure out details about where she would meet me and what we were planning for lunch. I looked up and saw an older man climb up onto a little wall about 2.5-feet high and aim his iPhone at the sky for a picture.

I casually turned around to see what he was photographing and saw nothing but a stoplight and the blue sky behind.  So I continued walking as if nothing happened. As I got closer to the man on the wall, he looked at me, smiled, and said, “It’s not every day you see a blimp anymore.” I turned again to notice there was actually a very large blue and yellow blimp floating over Glenside. I looked back gave the man a smile and said, “I hope you have a nice day, sir.”

I paused to admire the site again before I hustling on down to the train station. The blimp wasn’t that interesting to me. However, the wonderment in that man’s eyes reminded me of a child seeing a blimp for the first time, and I felt lucky to share such a small experience with this man that I could tell made him very happy.

Photo by Leo Watson

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