Pumpkin Pie

The Secret to Staying Sane During Senior Year: Pumpkin Pie and a Great Advisor

The best solution for a stressful week: Eat pumpkin pie! Staying true to the holiday spirit, I have been buying and consuming large amounts of pumpkin-flavored treats. I am forever thankful to my parents for buying me pumpkin pie and rolls to survive the week of work, studying, and stress.

Class registration starts next week, and I’ve been worrying about what classes I should take in my final semester at Arcadia University. In addition to finishing the prerequisites for the physical therapy program, I still have some University requirements to fulfill. Although I’ve been anxious to organize this all week, I met with my advisor twice to plan for next semester. He’s been really supportive throughout my college career.

After hours of researching, worrying, and emailing, I finally figured everything out. Next semester will hopefully be the best semester of my college career. Although I will be taking 20 credits (a super full schedule), I feel like the stars have finally aligned and the course schedule gods have finally given me a break. I will have full-day classes Tuesday through Thursday, but on Monday and Friday, I will only have class until 11 a.m.!  That means more time for new opportunities and adventures to the city. I’m super excited to graduate and eat more pie. Woohoo!

Photo courtesy Dinner Series

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