So many of you may know that every first-year student is required to take a First-Year Seminar (I mean, of course, it’s in the name). There is such a variety of courses to pick from, it can be a little overwhelming to assemble your list of top five choices, but thankfully I was assigned my first choice: Travel Writing. In this class, we explore different places our professor takes us and then write about our experience. I figured this class would be good for me, a foreigner to this Pennsylvania land, to be able to explore and get to know my surroundings a bit more. So far I have not been disappointed. We’ve gone on a couple already, but for sake of time I will expound only of the first for now: the nature walk.

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On this first trip we went to a variety of places around the Bucks County area. Our first stop was at a farmers market. If you have never been to a farmers market, you definitely need to go. Basically, a group of local farmers will come by specific places, set up stands, and sell their homemade or grown items and produce for reasonable prices. The people are always great, and it’s just a great experience all in all. We then went to High Rocks Vista where we went hiking on the cliff side where we were provided a beautiful view of the surrounding trees and river below. On our travels we saw a bike race where various bikers zipped past us continuing on their route; visited a picturesque garden owned by a woman who left the government after the Watergate scandal to become a fashion designer at Calvin Klein before ultimately turning to designing gardens; and walked through a traditional farm owned by a quaint old couple from England.

One thing that’s great about Travel Writing is that you never know quite what to expect, both with the professor and the trips (in a good way). We are simply travelling to experience different things instead of remain on a rigid schedule. I’m very excited to see where our travels take us next.

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