Recently, I traveled to Philly with Arcadia Christian Fellowship (ACF) to hand out food to the homeless. Although it was particularly cold that night, I’m glad I went. Besides, I had on a jacket with a fur-lined hood worthy of an Eskimo; it looked absolutely ridiculous but kept me warm. We departed at 8:30 p.m. and spent about two hours walking around Philly handing out food to the homeless people we came upon.

There were certain locations where ACF leadership knew the homeless congregated. We went to some of those spots hoping to distribute the supplies effectively to a lot of people in need. One place was behind an abandoned Kmart. Usually, a large group gathered there, but when we arrived a tall black fence greeted us. It surrounded the area, closing the building off completely, preventing the homeless from finding refuge there, so we had to search elsewhere. Once we walked and drove around for a bit, however, we were able to deliver most of the sandwiches, water bottles, blankets, and pillows.

It was a terrific experience that really put things in perspective. I thought it was cold, but these people were sleeping in the streets with hardly anything. When we gave them what we had, each individual responded in a different way. Some were quiet, some talked a bit, others were very friendly and grateful, and some were very forward, but I’d like to think that we helped touch their lives in one way or another. ACF started this ministry a few weeks ago, and every week more people want to come and help. It was my first time going with them, but I hope to go again every Monday, since it was such a great serving opportunity and because I had a lot of fun.