Tatiana is ‘beyond excited’ to visit Guatemala for Preview.

Guatemala, Here I Come!

As I was sitting in the library, I received a text from my friend. At a first glance, all I noticed was all the exclamation points and question marks. I knew that I would receive my conformation for Preview, I just did not know when. So when I read the text—“Tatiiii, I am going to Guatemala!??!! You better be coming with me!”—I almost screamed. I was beyond excited to finally see my location. My first choice was Guatemala because I enjoy participating in community services projects and I have a strong passion for helping children that seem to lack quality resources.

I hurriedly clicked open my email, anxiously waiting to see if I got my wish. And luckily as it was, I did! I called my friend and tried to whisper since I was still in the library, saying “I am coming with you!” I was totally excited that words could not express it.

With all the excitement inside me, I totally forgot that I still had to make a payment for the trip. I would not receive a notification on whether I would receive the scholarship or not until the deadline of when the payment was due. For a student like me, $495 does not just drop into my hand because I want it to. So again, I was hoping and anticipating that I would receive the scholarship. Fortunately, I did!

I am grateful because I truly understand the importance of traveling abroad. I realized how important it was when I traveled to London and Paris. I was able to see a culture and lifestyles outside of my own, I learned the history up close, and I was appreciative for the things that I did have.

Guatemala, HERE I COME!

Editor’s Note: Preview is program for Arcadia freshmen and transfer students that includes a semester-long course and a week-long international excursion. Get more information or see the 13 international locations.

Photo of Lake Petin Itza by Ken Douglas

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