My First Library Card (or Why I Feel Like D.W. of ‘Arthur’)

Library Card

My new library card.

Recently, I got my very first library card. Ever. This was incredibly exciting, since I absolutely adore reading, libraries, and everything book-related. For proof, see my Pinterest board “Bookish” or count the number of times a day I break into the song “Marian the Librarian” from The Music Man.

Given my bibliophilic nature, my lack of library card may, understandably, seem curious. In order to make sense of this, you must understand that I’m an only child with cautious parents who forbade my borrowing of books from the public library for fear of germs.

This sounds silly, but I was rarely ill as a kid, so I think it worked.

Regardless, my lack of library card was rectified when a class of mine, “Harnessing the Power of the Story,” trekked into Glenside in search of stories. The class counts as an Honors Leadership course and, as such, incorporates a class project to help us hone our leadership skills. First, we learned about the art of storytelling and then we were tasked with devising a plan that puts learning into practice. Of late, we have devoted ourselves to implementing the plan and creating a stellar project. Our idea: to create a publication showcasing the stories of Glenside with the hope that Arcadia students feel more at home in their surroundings. We’re ironing out details, but long story short, it will be warm, splendid, and full of interesting narratives. What more could you ask for?

So, on a sunny day in October, we took to the streets looking for potential stories to populate the (most likely digital) pages of our publication. Some had lunch at Elcy’s Café, some explored the memorial hall, still others (myself included) visited the library. The interior was an eclectic hodgepodge of books, movies, and furniture overseen by a sweet and sociable librarian who chatted with us about Arcadia as she filled in the paperwork for my very first library card.

I feel like a proper, intellectual adult now. As the dear Dora Winifred Read put it in an episode of Arthur, “I can take out any book I want! Now I know what real power feels like!”