Photo Journal: Sights Seen While Commuting

I love travel and, after these past three years and two months at Arcadia, I have lived in three countries outside the U.S. and traveled to 10. I never want to stop. This past summer living in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina, I virtually ditched my digital point-and-shoot camera and began carrying my Olympus OM-G (yes, that is its real name) analog camera with me almost everywhere. I was able to get some great shots of the city and the people, some of the best photos I have taken (at least in my opinion).

I decided to do the same this semester while commuting to and from Arcadia from my home in South Jersey. If there’s no traffic, I can make it up to Arcadia in an hour, or anywhere between an hour and two hours if I take a few trains up to Glenside. The commute is a bit of a drag but has given me a chance to see the city of Philadelphia and the region in a different way. I’ve taken lots of photos of people, places, and things I’ve come across on my commute over the past two months, and these are some of my favorites from in and around Philly.

Grey Towers Castle

01---Grey-Towers---09I’ve seen a lot of beautiful, historic buildings in all my travels, but Grey Towers Castle will always hold a special place in my heart. And I have to say, after more than three years at Arcadia, I still can’t get over the fact that we have a castle on campus.

Emergency Southbound on North Broad


This photo was taken around midnight one night in early September as I drove home down north Broad Street. While stopped at a red light, I grabbed my camera and quickly clicked the shutter as an emergency vehicle sped past in a blur, which was captured pretty perfectly in this picture.

Mandy’s by Night/Day



Whenever I take Broad Street on my way home, I always seem to get stuck at one stoplight in particular, opposite a jeweler’s and a hair salon. I do not have a flash on my Olympus, so I rely on ambient light for all my nighttime shots, but with a wide aperture and a steady hand I was able to snap this, one of my favorite photos from this fall.

Glenside Station


I took this photo on a brisk September morning as I waited for a SEPTA regional rail train to Center City. This train was headed north and stopped with this gap between two cars directly in front of me as I sat on a bench. I really love the pastel colors and the silhouette of the conductor in this one.

Schuylkill Southbound


I am not sure what exactly is so WRONG (or, for that matter, what is right) but this was one of the more interesting pieces of graffiti that line I-76. I shot this in September, and I’m glad I did, because in October it was painted over by the city.



This church sits inconspicuously in an old movie theatre. This is just one of many interesting churches along Broad Street.

Cheltenham Avenue


My car window frames this photo. It was taken quickly and at night. I didn’t have the time to properly focus, but I don’t think it detracts from the photo since the street was lined with many streetlights.



If you head north on Easton Road from Arcadia and make a right on East Glenside Avenue, there is a short string of Victorian row homes painted pastel colors. Most contain small antique shops on their ground floors. Tucked amongst them is this real estate agent with this great vintage neon sign.

North Broad


Two stickers, informing passersby of the word of the Qur’an, slapped on a high and faded sign on Broad Street.

PATCO Westbound


I captured the reflection of this sunset in a very dirty window of a PATCO train somewhere between Lindenwold, N.J., and Philadelphia.

From a Corner in Landman Library


For most of October, I spent many afternoons and evenings at a desktop computer in the back corner of Landman Library. This photo is taken from that computer. I love the lighting combined with the way the bookshelves carry your eyes in this shot.



This final photo was taken in early November, as I rushed to class. The row of trees below the smokestack and tower of Murphy make for such beautiful photos, but what is particularly interesting about this one is the way in which the sunlight leaked onto the line that divides the individual cells of the film.