Not quite ready to leave the country, Matt considers studying away in California.

Studying Abroad Away

As I’ve mentioned in one of my previous blog posts, study abroad is a huge aspect of Arcadia. Students can travel to one of 18 countries around the world for single semester or more, if they’re willing and able. I’ve heard so much about Scotland and England and Spain (and just about every other country) that I feel like I’ve been to those places myself. My absolute favorite part is when my friends come back from being abroad using terms such as “toasties” instead of grilled cheese. This is ’MURICA last time I checked. (Totally kidding–please don’t brand me as a typical, ignorant American).

But I digress (what else is new, really?). The point of this post is to focus on another program Arcadia offers—study away.

The name is pretty self-explanatory. Instead of studying in a different country, you would simply study at another college (affiliated with Arcadia) within the United States. This is a great opportunity for people such as myself—people who… lack the stomach… to actually leave the country (hey, I worded it nicely).

And don’t worry—you won’t be shunned for studying away instead of going abroad. Both opportunities are amazing, life-changing, and certainly rewarding. And there’s nothing that says you can’t do both. Well, there’s nothing that says so unless you’re a Biology major. Ha!

Arcadia is very focused on its students achieving a global perspective, but many students, myself included, haven’t had the opportunity to experience their own country. My family, for example, is very sheltered—they’re content with living in the same place as they were raised. Me? Well, with the help of Arcadia’s study away program, let’s just say I have some different plans.

Since I’m a self-proclaimed West-Coaster at heart, I’m very excited to start planning my study away at a college in California (although I’m not sure which one yet). My plan (subject to change, like everything else in my life) is to hop on that flight at the start of my junior year and never look back; that is, until I’m forced to come back to the frigid place that is Pennsylvania in January.

I’ll be sure have updates as the year progresses. Well, as always, this should be interesting…

Whittier College campus photo by Lester Spence

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