Photo by Marissa Garza

True Life College: I Sleep Under My Laundry

Ah, the life of a college student, how sweet it is. Late nights with your friends, hours on Buzzfeed, and being able to do whatever you want when you want! Freedom from parents is great, right?

Now that I’m well into my first semester of college, I have a good routine figured out: Wake up 20 minutes before class, go to class, watch some Netflix, go back to class, etc. There is much more freedom in college than there was back in high school.

However, just because I don’t have my mom around telling me to do chores and clean my room does not mean that I’ve become an absolute pig and that my room is the equivalent of a sty. In fact, my room is much cleaner here at Arcadia than it ever was back home (much to my roommate’s luck). Actually, if my room here was as bad as it was at home, my poor roommate would probably never get to class.

Anyway, like the responsible young adult that I am, I did my laundry last Thursday as needed. All was good: I did not flood the laundry room with bubbles nor did I set it on fire by forgetting to empty the lint. Yes, I was very responsible… except maybe for the fact that I’ve yet to put any of it away.

It has been nearly one week, and my clean laundry is sitting in a pile at the bottom of my bed. I have been so busy with homework and sleeping that I have not brought myself to put it away yet. You may think that I’m being incredibly lazy, but you’re wrong!

Well, what might have been laziness at first has turned to sheer brilliance. As it is getting colder outside, it is lovely to have this extra layer of warmth on top of me while I sleep. So, yes. It is true. For the past two nights I have slept underneath of my clothes. But hey, at least they’re clean.

Photo by Marissa Garza