Journal Entry

What If Your Life Depended on It?

A few days ago in my English class, my professor gave us a prompt to write about. Now, I enjoy the free-writes and journal entries that are assigned because they allow me to express myself without any limits or restrictions. The thing that made this prompt so different was it actually took me a few seconds to think about. The prompt was: What do you do as if your life depended on it?

This one was the most unique, yet simple question. I had to think about what I was truly passionate about and compare it to the value of my life. That is hard to do in 10 minutes. Here is an excerpt:

If my life depended on it… I would help children who have less than. I never thought how passionate I was about giving back until wrote this journal. I have to give back becasue maybe their lives depend on it… So I have to help, as if it were my own life at risk.

I chose wanting to help students and children who lack resources, education, hope, or self-worth. With this journal entry, I realized a lot about myself, my goals, and my career aspirations. I looked at my goals in a new light.

So what about you, what do you do as if your life depended on it?

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