Roommate Roulette

Having the entire college experience as a freshman, to me, begins with dorm life. I get to have awesome residence hall competitions. (My hall, 3rd West Heinz, is currently winning by the way.) And I have a Resident Assistant to go to for help or guidance. However, one particular aspect of dorm life that I feel a lot of people have a weird time adjusting to is having roommates.

Unlike some people who picked their own roommates, I wanted to let fate decide who my roommates would be. I honestly didn’t mind who my roommate would be, since I have always gotten along easily with people, but I did wonder what type of roommate I would be assigned. Secretly, I wished for a tall roommate, someone who would conveniently be able to reach things higher than my 5′1″ frame would. Surprisingly, that wish was something my two newly assigned roommates also had in common with me.

In the beginning, I was also worried about feeling like I wouldn’t be getting enough privacy. That can cause stress for some people, like myself, who enjoy quiet and solitude at times. However, I learned that there are many other quiet places on campus to find focus, such as the Landman Library. Also, even though I got along well with my roommates, I was still kind of glad we had different schedules, because that meant at certain times of the day, I could take a nice, quiet nap in the room while the others had classes.

I never really had to share much with people as a child. I always had my own bedroom and was used to having a lot of closet space. I guess a perk to attending a college so far from home is being forced to limit your luggage. It also means my messes aren’t as catastrophic.

Because I’ve always had my own space, I tended to be somewhat sloppy, leaving messes and waiting until the end of the week (or every two weeks) to clean. Rooming with other people, I have become more concerned with my cleaning habits and have tried to be organized. But, as the saying goes, “Old habits die hard.” As soon as the schoolwork began piling up, it was hard to find the energy and effort to pick up things and not go back to being lazy. However, since I have roommates, I try not to inconvenience the others who share the same room. So, although I make messes, I generally keep it in my own designated space. Thankfully, I have roommates who also understand the struggle when it comes to balancing things.

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