Keep Calm, Break Is Almost Here

As I looked at my bed filled with books, papers, highlighters, chips, water, and pink sheets hanging down to the floor, I thought, what a wonderful time of the year. Here is the time when papers, essays, presentations, and exams come around. So I say what a wonderful time of the year, right? At first I was very nervous, overwhelmed, and unsure about all the work I had received from my professors. I did not understand how a human being could get all this work done. In high school, my senior project was not that much, so this was a complete change. This was a change I had to get used to, I mean this is just the beginning of my four years.

I knew I had to organize myself and my workload. Yeah, I knew it was going to be challenging, but that is why I came to college. I grabbed my planner and began to hash out important dates and times for finals and exams. I set each task a week before the due date and created days for when I could work on them and have them reviewed by the Writing Center.

I have scheduled several appointments with the Writing Center to receive help on creating an outline for one of my papers, to check grammatical errors, syntax, and transitions. In the Writing Center, you receive one-on-one help. They work with you, not for you. That is what makes it different, because they allow you to write and edit your paper. They help you spot out errors so that you can learn to see and understand when they are made on your own.

This entire experience was helpful, because now I understand how I am able to work under pressure and what I need to do to keep calm and unstressed. So now that I have everything in order, I can sit back and wait for the winter break I deserve!