Ma Classe Préfèrée

Carte Generale de France divisee par Gouvernements, 1771, by Rigobert Bonne.

Carte Generale de France divisee par Gouvernements (1771) by
Rigobert Bonne.

This semester, I had the pleasure of taking the Intermediate French 201 class. Now you may be wondering, what is a math major doing in French class? But at Arcadia, it’s not that strange. I want to minor in French and eventually become completely fluent.

I was a bit nervous in the beginning of the year, because I was one of only two freshman in the class. Everyone else was an upperclassman and had taken classes from our teacher, Madame Sophie Rivara-Lipschutz, and had traveled all around the world. I was scared that they would have way more knowledge than me and that I would be hopelessly lost.

Intermediate French 201 class

My Intermediate French 201 class.

Luckily, that didn’t happen. We started out the year with a review of the present tense. I remember leaving class and thinking, ok I know how to do this. I can do this. After that, everything was much easier. We learned a lot of new vocab and we talked a lot about culture and present day France.

I love French, and I think it’s a beautiful language, but that is not what made the class my favorite. It was my classmates and my teacher. Everyone in the room had something to add to my experience. We were all so diverse, and we all had our own unique stories to add to the class. We made our way through French with funny anecdotes, an oddly large discussion about women’s rights, and plenty of questions.

Now this doesn’t mean that I don’t like my major. My Calculus 1 class was a close second, but there is a difference between something you have to take and something you choose to take. I love math, and I have no intention of changing my major, but French is something that is just mine. Like a hobby, it takes away from the stress of my life instead of adding to it.

Most of my class is going on to take French 202 next semester, and I am kind of sad that I won’t be there to take it with them (I’ll be studying abroad through the FYSAE program). However, whenever I do take French 202, I hope that I have the same positive experience and enjoyment that I had while I was taking this class.

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