Photo by Ben Andreas Harding

You Know You’re An English Major When…

You hear the name Kenneth Branagh and automatically think Hamlet or Iago instead of Gilderoy Lockhart.

Your boyfriend says, “There’s another girl I want to be with,” and you are more concerned that he ended his sentence with a preposition than you are with the fact that he is breaking up with you.

You finish your paper a few days early and double-check your works cited page. For fun.

For the majority of my first semester at Arcadia, I was major-less. It sure is unsettling to be in college, surrounded by people who know exactly what they want to do after graduation, while you yourself have no idea.

When everyone comes to Arcadia, they are each assigned an academic advisor. The academic advisors are members of the Arcadia staff whose job it is to, well, advise. They are a great resource, especially in your first year in college, because they walk you through everything you need to know about selecting courses, exploring academic interests, and planning for the future (jobs, graduate school, and all other scary things!).

Not only did my advisor help me realize what course of study was best suited for me, but she also helped to facilitate my own self-discovery. I learned more about myself from one conversation with her than from any Cosmo quiz I have ever taken. But seriously, the academic advisors are wonderful at helping you find the right fit for you.

With my advisor, I discussed the classes I am currently enrolled in and my aspirations for the future. She had me take a personality test, and we went over the results together, brainstorming possible career paths along the way. At first it was a bit overwhelming to be exposed to every single job out there, but I was able to narrow my possibilities by focusing on my strengths and passions. I knew I love to write and am pretty decent at it, so that was a start. In the end, I was overjoyed with my decision and, while I still have a wide world of possibilities out there, at least I know what I want to concentrate my studies in.

For me, the right fit was English. And, now that the scary part of deciding on a major is behind me, I can laugh at myself for not having realized it sooner. In the years to come, with the help of all of Arcadia’s student resources, I look forward to discovering more about the field. And more about myself.

Photo by Ben Andreas Harding