Tatiana Redden

A Major Discovery: How I Found Sociology

Tatiana ReddenI am now a sociology major! It wasn’t until this semester that I decided sociology would be a good fit. Coming to college, I thought I had everything figured out. I firmly believed I would be a psychology major and take only classes within that discipline. In fact, for years I thought I would become a psychologist. That was my plan. But, it soon changed.

Last summer I took “Introduction to Sociology.” That is when I fell in love with sociology. Professor Alex Otieno was fantastic. He was funny yet straight to the point. Professor Otieno shared his knowledge about society and all that surrounds us. I learned the difference between a micro and macro perspective, and how to apply the two sociological levels to societal issues and problems that we encounter daily. I enjoyed learning how culture, mindset, and behaviors structure our society. For instance, we discussed the importance of social interaction in our world—how much we crave to be liked, spoken to, or understood as individual beings.

During the fall semester, I was able to explore the connection between sociology and potential careers. I used the on-campus resources at the Office of Career Education. I recognized that my initial goal of becoming a psychologist stemmed from my desire to help others. I learned that there are many career paths in which I can help others. The Office of Career Education made me realize that I could take my sociology degree and become a social worker or I could pursue a career in non-profits that work with students in urban settings. Having the Office of Career Education on campus has helped me find my way. Even when paths change, curve, or seemingly get lost, they provide guidance.

What I realized is that when people say “you have time,” it is true. There is no need to think that you have to know what you want before you enter. My journey reinforces the idea that change is great because I found what I love in the process. It’s not always about choosing the right path or major, it is about doing something you like and learning from the process. Here at Arcadia you can make mistakes or become unsure because the curriculum is flexible. While choosing a major is important, it’s not as major as it seems.