Classes Cancelled? Brie and Raspberry, Please

That’s me in front of City Hall.
My friend Melissa enjoys a sandwich at Reading Terminal Station.
Melissa and I at LOVE Park.

During the huge snowstorm that hit the East coast, Arcadia cancelled class for two days. Like any other college student, I woke up, checked my phone, got excited, then went back to sleep for another hour. When I finally did get up, my thought was that this (un)fortunate cancellation called for an opportunity to explore the city and eat!

My friend Melissa and I walked to the Glenside station and took the train directly into the city. Our goal for the day was to find good food and satisfy our taste buds. We decided to stop at Suburban and then take the subway towards South Street

At first I was nervous, but my five months studying abroad in Barcelona and travelling throughout Europe seemed to have paid off because I have become a fairly apt traveler of the Philadelphia public transportation system. We were able to walk around a large part of the city, visiting South Street, Rittenhouse Square, City Hall, Love Park, and Reading Terminal Market and walking past tons of shops and restaurants.

For most of the week, I had had an odd craving for grilled cheese, which was eventually satisfied when we found a nice cheese store at Reading Terminal Market. I was able to enjoy a brie and raspberry grilled sandwich and it was DELICIOUS.

Overall, this trip just made me love the city more. I’m already making plans to visit a restaurant that I saw on the television that just sells weird hotdogs. Although I am not a huge fan of snow or the cold, I can always make do with cancelled classes and spur-of-the-moment trips to the city!