Some of the Rocky Horror cast from 2013.
Some of the Rocky Horror cast from 2013.

Heels, Hunger, and Murder

As discussed in a previous post, I really got involved with the Honors Program Executive Council the spring semester of my first year, after returning from Scotland. Planning events for the Honors Executive Council gave me time management, networking, and organizational skills that I otherwise could have missed out on. Here is a list of some of my favorite Honors events throughout the year:


One of my proudest and most successful additions to campus life at Arcadia has been the annual screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Starting as a simple viewing and evolving to include a full shadow cast by its third year, this event always draws a large crowd in late October. A shadow cast is when a full cast (and crew) acts out the film live in front of a screening. Dressed in their finest fishnets and provided with all the necessary props, students have enjoyed dancing to the “Time Warp” again and again. It’s funny because I only saw the film for the first time while abroad in Scotland with the FYSAE program, but I instantly fell in love. Building this tradition and knowing that it will continue into Arcadia’s future have made my slow transition to an alum a bit easier.


This April will mark our second AU Stop Hunger Games. Based on the popular books and movies, the event requires participants to donate canned goods to become “tributes” in our game. Played on Haber Green, a great open space on campus, tributes have to pull a flag football tie, mark other participants white shirts with a marker, and pop a balloon also attached to other tributes to remove them from the games. These collected cans are then donated to HIAS, a refugee organization in Philadelphia, who we have worked with previously. Last year 12 people participated and more than 200 nonperishable items were donated. This event proved that coupling a fun and relevant activity with community service can have incredible effects.


Our newest fall event, a murder mystery dinner in the Castle, premiered last semester with the help of volunteer cast and crew members, who prepared a delicious meal from scratch for an audience to enjoy during our enthralling and comical story. I was also a cast member in the story, which involved the poisoning of my abusive and generally no-good father at my wedding. Throughout the evening, guests were able to interact and hear interviews with fellow party guests, bridesmaids, and even the actor playing my mother (spoiler alert: she was the killer). This has always been an event we wanted to have; it just took the support of our executive board and the fresh ideas of the new first year honors members to make it a reality. I look forward to seeing new story lines and the progression of this event in the future.

Check out the Honors Program for more information on upcoming events and the many programs that are offered throughout the year.