My new trench coat.
My new trench coat.

London Fog

My flight is officially booked.  London, I’ll be seeing you in September! – Direct quote from my Facebook page 3/18/14.

As you may be able to tell from the photo, it’s a foggy, rainy day at Arcadia. What you may not be able to tell from the photo is how much I adore it. I’ve always believed that rain is poetically joyful weather. It’s magical. It dances. It brings life. Now that almost everything is in place for my year abroad at the University of Westminster’s Harrow Campus, I am even more in awe of the London-ish drizzle. This chance to sport my new trench coat (bought in anticipation of London’s weather) is reminding me of the adventures I’m sure to encounter in the trench while abroad.

I hope these adventures will include meeting Matt Smith, the eleventh doctor of Doctor Who, who lives in… drum roll please… Harrow, England. I hope to cultivate more of a taste for tea, frequent the theatre, see Stonehenge, and possibly pick up a bit of an accent (or just pretend I did? Yep, I’ll be doing that).

Foggy and overcast day

A foggy day outside Oak Summit apartments.

After reading Frances’ posts, I hope to get involved in media I’m unfamiliar with while at University of Westminster: try radio, make magazines, and glean all I can from the minds there. The University of Westminster is, according to their website, “a world-leading centre for media and communication research.” Their innovative curriculum aims to solidify theory into practice, giving students ample opportunity to create television programming, publications, websites—any media imaginable. They are respected by leaders in the industry, including the BBC, Channel 4, and Sky and boast professors who are well-known in their fields. I’m thrilled that Arcadia’s Global Media program is designed to take advantage of these kinds of strengths at schools around the globe. Students return with a set of skills, techniques, and thoughts unique to the school and country in which they studied. I can’t wait to explore the opportunities available to me while abroad including experimenting with different media, sightseeing in a new city, learning from a different instructional style, and hearing new perspectives about everything from Chaucer to public relations to scones to media coverage to America. I can’t wait to bring the perspectives gained back to Arcadia and add to the global knowledge here. Studying at the University of Westminster will undoubtedly broaden not only my horizons culturally and academically, but also, if only a little bit, the horizons of the University as well.

Before all of this horizon-broadening and trench-coat-wearing can take place, though, I still have to make arrangements for my visa. I have to complete something called “biometrics,” which sounds entirely too intimidating (like biology and numbers? Is that close?). I have a few things to button up, but booking my flight has made it all very real. I’m so excited.

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