Tons of people mingling on campus. Beautiful weather. Activities everywhere you turn. And food—can’t forget about the food. I’m referring to Arcadia’s Scarlet and Grey Day, of course. You may have heard about it before, but actually experiencing it is something else.

Almost a year ago, I woke up in my room in Heinz Hall, my first year residence hall. The sun was almost unbearably bright to my morning eyes, and as I reached to close the blinds, I noticed something odd about the campus.

My room overlooked the main part of campus, Haber Green (the huge grassy center of Arcadia), and on this morning I noticed tables and chairs, a makeshift stage, tents housing food (which really caught my eye), staff making final preparations. But for what? I thought.

Soon after looking at my missed text messages, I realized it was Scarlet and Grey Day. I never attended as a high school senior. So, despite Saturday mornings being the prime time to sleep in, I pulled myself from my bed and walked down to the showers to prepare myself for the day ahead. The whole time my phone buzzed and buzzed with texts from my friends asking, “You’re going to Scarlet and Grey Day, right?”

I stood amongst a large crowd of people who were laughing, conversing, running around playing tag (mostly children… mostly). I stood with a couple of my friends, soaking up the warm weather. Not too far from where I stood, I noticed two of my friends in PuroRitmo, Arcadia’s Latin dance club, sliding, spinning, and salsa-ing all over the stage. The music sounded throughout the campus, and a crowd amassed around the performance, eager to watch.

I continued through the crowd, catching a glimpse of just about everything—current Arcadia students engaged in conversation with admitted high school seniors, parents mingling with professors, children running around with food in their hands. Everyone seemed to be having a genuinely fun time.

I thought back to when I was a high school senior and felt like I had missed out on a great experience. So, on that day almost a year ago I promised myself I’d never miss another Scarlet and Grey Day as long as I attended Arcadia.

When you see current students all coming together, mingling with prospective students, parents, and even having a blast with children, it makes you feel a certain way. I haven’t been able to put my finger on it, but maybe this year I’ll figure it out. After all, I always keep my promises.

Photo by Josh Blustein