Sunrise, Robots, and Polka Dots: A Video Production Experiment

What have I been doing this week? Making “paintings that unfold in time.” Yep, it’s pretty cool.

Taking a video production class this semester has proven to be an eye-opener. I’ve learned so much about the craft of creating a cogent, unified piece. It’s crazy how much the syntax of film can go absolutely unnoticed until you are tasked with creating one. I’ve found myself naming shots I never would have noticed before as I watch television. “Mid shot! Close up! Pan!” I shouted at an episode of Hart of Dixie this past week. Have you ever counted the number of shots in just one scene?  Hint: There are a ton. I have a newfound appreciation for filmmakers and videographers everywhere.

In order to explore expressive audio-visual relationships, my video production class was tasked with an inventive project: Create separate 1-3 minute videos using only personal musical composition or found sounds. The pieces are meant to act as art revealing itself over a period of time. I had a blast experimenting and creating these fun little pieces. Enjoy!

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