Sunrise, Robots, and Polka Dots: A Video Production Experiment

What have I been doing this week? Making “paintings that unfold in time.” Yep, it’s pretty cool.

Taking a video production class this semester has proven to be an eye-opener. I’ve learned so much about the craft of creating a cogent, unified piece. It’s crazy how much the syntax of film can go absolutely unnoticed until you are tasked with creating one. I’ve found myself naming shots I never would have noticed before as I watch television. “Mid shot! Close up! Pan!” I shouted at an episode of Hart of Dixie this past week. Have you ever counted the number of shots in just one scene?  Hint: There are a ton. I have a newfound appreciation for filmmakers and videographers everywhere.

In order to explore expressive audio-visual relationships, my video production class was tasked with an inventive project: Create separate 1-3 minute videos using only personal musical composition or found sounds. The pieces are meant to act as art revealing itself over a period of time. I had a blast experimenting and creating these fun little pieces. Enjoy!

As a double major in global media (visual journalism) and graphic design, I am passionate about communicating via the written word and visual interpretation. I serve as Editor-in-Chief of The Compass (Arcadia’s scholarly journal) and participate in the Honors Program. Currently, I’m studying in London and look forward to sharing my experiences abroad with you this year!
Photo of the Christopher Columbus monument in Barcelona, Spain, by David Berkowitz.
Matt recalls his relatives’ reactions to his plan to study abroad in Spain.
A birthday calls for some reflection on Jasmine’s decision to transfer to Arcadia.

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