Making dinner.
Making dinner.

What’s For Dinner?

Grocery shopping doesn’t seem like a hard job right? You go to the store, buy what you need, pay for your goods, go home, and enjoy. I have quickly learned that it is a little more complicated than that.

First there is the all-important grocery list. With this comes a lot of questions. What do I want to eat this week? What ingredients do I need? How much is this going to cost?

Cost is a big deal. I shop at Aldi because it is the cheapest grocery store in the area. Still I usually spend around £25, or $42, a week on groceries.

The first few times I went food shopping it was a bit of a struggle. I came home with cereal, but no milk. I bought way too many potatoes and they went bad before I could finish them. It took me three weeks before I finally remembered to buy salt and pepper at the store.

But as the weeks go on, it is getting better. I have bought spices and marinades, plenty of different grains, and I am even trying out different types of meat.

The cooking has also been a learning process. The first few nights I had pasta at every meal. I cooked chicken, or hamburgers, boiled potato wedges and ate fresh fruit. Meals that got the job done, but they were all very simple.

Now I’m starting to branch out. The other day I made meatballs with some ground beef, and egg, and seasonings. Last night I marinated a piece of chicken in teriyaki sauce and then made rice as a side dish. My meals, which used to be incomplete and disjointed, are now becoming well rounded and include multiple food groups.

It hasn’t been easy to hit the ground running like this. But, recently, I had toast for breakfast, spaghetti and carrots for lunch, and chicken and potatoes for dinner.

Things are looking up, and smelling delicious, here in Scotland!

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