Near a stream in Glencoe.
Near a stream in Glencoe.

My Heart Is in the Highlands

Last weekend, I had a life changing experience.

A few weeks ago, my friend, a Canadian who lives on my floor, had approached me about signing up to go on a tour of the Scottish Highlands with her. The company was called Heartland Travel, and the price was right so I agreed, signed up, and didn’t think about it again until we were getting up at 8 a.m. on a Friday to begin our adventure.

I probably should have looked into what we were going to see on this trip, but I didn’t, and I’m actually glad I didn’t. This weekend was amazing, and I loved every second of it.

We started out by going to Glencoe, and hiking to the top of one of the many mountains that can be found there. At the top we drank from a fresh stream, and I can assure you that was some of the best water I have ever had.

Then we went and saw something that I never even knew I wanted to see. The iconic bridge, which is featured in multiple Harry Potter movies, got everyone’s nerdy side to come out as we all whipped out our cameras to take pictures of ourselves next to our new favorite bridge.

The next day we went to the Isle of Skye, which is gorgeous. We went all around the island, saw faerie homes, ate lunch on Coral Beach and even got to see the sun! The water surrounding the island was pure blue, and the stones that covered the ground were a wide variety of colors including blue, green, red, and even purple. The faerie hills were gorgeous green rolling hills, with flocks of sheep grazing quietly all around. A small stream threaded its way through the hills, originating from a waterfall that started higher up then we could climb. It was an incredible day, and the Isle of Skye is probably one of the most beautiful places in the world.

The beauty of Scotland is really what got to me, on the whole. Everywhere we went was breathtakingly gorgeous and that is what made me have a life changing moment. I am typically not a very outdoorsy person. I would much rather stay in and watch movies all day than go out for a hike, but now, everything is different. I understand why people go hiking and journey to those hard-to-reach places. They may be hard to get to, but the view is definitely worth it when you finally reach your destination.

I hope I can carry this mentality back home with me. Hopefully, it will motivate me to get out of my dorm room and go explore Arcadia, Glenside, Pa., and the world. Eight hours of Netflix is all fine and good, but there is so much beauty in the world to see, it would be a waste if I didn’t discover it.

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