Francesca's finished project.
My finished project.

Student Design Group Hosts Exhibition About Rejection

Have you been rejected?

This semester, AU Haus planned an exhibition focusing on rejection to show in the Judith Taylor Gallery in Landman Library. AU Haus is Arcadia’s resident group of student graphic designers, striving to meet at the corner of art and design. It’s great because, well, puns: It’s a play off of both the art movement, Bauhaus, and “Our House” that incorporates Arcadia University’s “AU.” Essentially, it’s brilliant in every way. Secondly, it provides a forum for designers to showcase their work in an exhibition setting.

In a show of democracy, members voted on a theme. Rejection won. As a member of AU Haus, I was both thrilled and hesitant to explore a theme I would never otherwise take on. My work tends to be expressive and upbeat. Generally, I see my pieces as opportunities to encourage onlookers. Rejection isn’t exactly encouraging.

Description of Mayr's Project

The description of my project.

Thinking outside of my usual box enabled me to be more innovative, consider different materials, and re-evaluate the importance of rejection in our world. My piece focused on the rejecting of ourselves we do every day.

By placing stereotypical costumes on a mirror, this phenomenon was made visual–and interactive and fun, like a carnival game. Viewers could tangibly see themselves align with and box themselves into one character at a time. They were physically incapable of occupying more than one generic costume at once.

Each artist-designer interpreted the theme in a different way: some with interesting text treatments, others with info-graphics on how to deal with rejection. One piece demonstrated the series of rejections involved in the act of designing. Each was different and thought provoking. The opening night for the week-long exhibition served as art-community bonding. As much of the work was by seniors, the event doubled as an almost-done-with-thesis celebration and an aww-I’m-gonna’-miss-you-guys fest. The opportunity to exhibit and build community was absolutely invaluable, and I cannot wait to see all of the marvelous things the leadership of AU Haus will do after they graduate!