We The Kings Rocks Arcadia

After a winter spent cooped up indoors, avoiding the pounds of snow that piled up outside my window, I was so ready for Woodstock, Arcadia’s annual spring music festival. I haven’t been to many concerts, so I didn’t really know what to expect. But, when I heard the band We The Kings was headlining the event, how could I say no?

So bright and early that morning I stretched out on the Haber Green to soak up some rays and watch the bands set up for the show. It was such a relief to be able to sit outside in shorts and a tank top without the threat of hypothermia lurking in the air. The gentle breeze tossed my hair around and the warmth from the sun felt like a soft blanket across my skin. Before long, the rhythmic pounding of boxes being picked up and set down on stage made my eyelids grow heavy. I lowered myself down onto my back and let my head rest in the soft grass. It was still early; the show wouldn’t be starting for a while. I figured I could squeeze in a quick nap and, in a moment, I was asleep.

Startled by a sudden noise, I woke 30 minutes later. Sound check had started and, as the technical assistant pounded on each microphone, a loud echo rang out across campus. I recovered from my abrupt awakening and pulled myself up to sitting, stretching my arms across my chest. As soon as my skin felt the slightest tug, it screamed out in painful protest. I glanced at my shoulders and was shocked to find them bright red! The show hadn’t even started yet, and I had already gotten sunburn.

Disappointed, I hurried upstairs to my room and slathered myself with aloe. As the soothing gel soaked into my arms, the first notes of the concert reached me from outside. I raced to my window and slid it open so I could at least hear the show. The band Friday Night Thieves played for a while and then passed the microphones off to the next act. By the time We The Kings took the stage, I was getting stir crazy. I had to go out and see them, sunburn or no sunburn!

As Travis and the gang took the stage, I joined the throng of Arcadia students that had gathered up in front. The experience was amazing. The songs I had only ever heard coming from the speakers in my computer were being played right there in front of me! I sang along to the familiar lyrics, joined by the people surrounding me in the choruses. As the concert went on, our voices blended together, getting louder and louder as one song folded into another.

Out there, the people surrounding me weren’t my classmates; they were fellow fans. It was so amazing to be able to come together with friends and burst out into song. That day, we were freed from the stress of our impending finals, even if just for the length of a three-minute song. As I clapped, my sun-burnt arms ached from the sharp movement. But when the next song begun and the crowds around me got even louder, the excitement in the air made me forget my discomfort. I leaned in with my friends and just enjoyed the music!

Photos by Jordan Cameron ’17, Allee Garry ’14, Amy Jordan ’17, Jennifer Kocsis ’17, Jordan Richards ’15, Christina Yee ’14

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