Playing cards with friends.
Playing cards with friends.

What Are You Doing After Graduation?

Every conversation that I’ve had lately has ended in this stressful yet exciting question, “What are you doing after graduation?” Luckily I have known since last semester that I’ll be attending Drexel University in the fall to pursue a Master of Science in Food Science. There I’ll be taking courses such as “Food Microbiology” and “Taste and Odor,” where my strong background in biology and chemistry that I have gotten through my Arcadia University education will be invaluable. What I don’t know is where I’ll be living.

Currently, I’m debating the benefits of commuting to school from about 40 minutes away versus living in graduate housing in the city. While this was not even considered when applying to Arcadia (I knew I would live on campus), I know several people who faced this debate during their undergraduate career. In my case, commuting from home would allow me to save money while living with my mom. Since I’m super close with my family, this is also a nice thing. However, living in the city would continue the feeling of independence I have felt over my four years on my own at school and ensure I was always close to campus, which is important when doing research. While at Arcadia I have enjoyed living on campus, since it’s allowed me to stay involved on campus, specifically planning events through Honors, and build a close group of supportive friends.

While the debate is still going on in my head, I’m taking time to enjoy that I have these options, let alone the option to go to graduate school. The knowledge and experiences I have gained at Arcadia have surely set me up for an exciting future.

Photo by Jared Castaldi