Tatiana's Move In Day
My first day moving in with my brother and grandmother.

Officially a Knight: My First Year at Arcadia

It’s funny how when I first got to Arcadia I was so nervous and shy, yet so ready to experience something completely new. When I first stepped foot on campus, I was unsure whether Arcadia was for me. Yet time has passed so quickly and my opinions have changed. I can’t believe that the semester is ending so quickly. It’s bittersweet that my freshman year is almost over.

I look forward to this upcoming year because I have had such a positive experience this year. I remember how nervous I was in choosing my classes because I did not understand the process. For example, I did not know what classes I wanted to take beyond Sociology, and I did not understand how the credits system worked. But, I had great advisers! *Shout out to Cristina Cintron and Angela McNeil!* Cristina and Angela assisted me each step of the way. The connection that we made was meaningful. They were very open with their office hours, and I felt that I could talk to them on professional and personal bases. Through it all, I appreciate the time and dedication they spent with me this year, and I know they are willing to help me throughout my time at Arcadia.

Tatiana’s dorm room
Tatiana at Spring Fling
Tatiana and her Preview group
Tatiana at Knight Madness
Tatiana and friends at the Zoo
Tatiana Rock Climbing

The relationships I have built with faculty, professors, and peers have been one of the things that I truly like about Arcadia. I need a support system, and I love the AU family I have made so far. Each experience that I have had here at Arcadia has helped me become a well-rounded, social, understanding, self-advocating, and cheerful person. I am hoping and happy to be able to explore myself and what I want here at Arcadia. Just to think four years from now, I could be looking back at this blog thinking I am officially a Knight and glad to be.

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