Financial Forecast


A couple of weeks ago, I sat at my computer scrolling through the list of upcoming Arcadia events. A Common Cent$ Workshop caught my eye. I was looking for something to do on campus, something that I could relate to. I read the description: “From calculating your actual take-home pay, comparing job offers/costs of living, creating a spending plan, repaying loans, etc.” I liked the idea of learning more about the financial aspect of college and my personal life.

I thought, these workshops are providing important information for us, so why not go?! I contemplated the idea of attending, and my eyes caught the words “free” and “Chipotle” in the event description. Advertise with those words and you can get me to go just about anywhere. After all, Chipotle is my life. I registered for the event. In my quest to find ways to involved myself on campus, I figured trying something new could not hurt, especially since I am planning on studying abroad next semester. And, some financial advice would not hurt either. Common Cent$

A week later I entered Grey Towers Castle to attend the Common Cent$ Workshop with my Day on Campus prospective student visitor in tow. I let her know ahead of time that I was not sure how this would go because I had never attended an event like this before. I also told her how I was not sure how this would relate to me or her since we aren’t near graduating from college. Nevertheless, there was free food, plenty of attentive students, and interactive speakers, so I was excited  to see what was in store.

Grace Taylor and Ashling Suppan, two financial aid counselors, led the discussion. They covered topics that were interesting, including how you should split checks to keep and maintain a budget. For me this was very beneficial, because it helped me see a better way to budget. As a college student, saving is sometimes hard, because I receive small checks for the hours I work on campus, but I still have much to buy. What I learned from the workshop was, no matter what the amount is, just save something from each pay. It is important to do it because on a rainy day, you may really need it. I knew this was something I needed to work on, and the workshop helped me see that. Also, I learned that having financial conversations are important at any time and class year. It is important because one never knows when they will need it. It gave me a chance to learn from my Arcadia peers and staff.

As the event ended, my Day on Campus visitor and I grabbed our things, looked at each other, and simultaneously said “that was cool.” The two of us enjoyed learning about saving, budgeting, benefits, and more. Pleased and informed by what we had just learned, we left. I learned once again, there is more benefit in trying something new rather than worrying about all the “what ifs.” Financial issues are sometimes thought of as a dry and boring topic, but we all know it is an important one. Having resources on campus that help me understand this topic is a huge help. It also was a great way to expose my Day on Campus visitor to the true college life. We all know paying bills is a part of it.

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