Will Workout for Cupcakes

When we were living in Scotland, my friend Izabelle and I had a weekly ritual of visiting Shakebar, a milkshake bar in town. They would blend any candy bar or sweet you wanted into a milk shake. Their specialty was hot milkshakes. (It sounds gross, but they were amazing.) We visited Shakebar so often that we befriended the owner and would usually sit and chat with him every time we were there.

When we returned to Glenside to finish our freshman year, we mourned our regular trips into Stirling’s city center for milkshakes. That is until we replaced our trips to Shakebar with trips to Lilly of the Valley, a cupcakery that opened up in Glenside. Now we’re regulars at the cupcake place, and of course we’re friends with the owners.

Izabelle and I realized that our frequent trips to get sweets didn’t make for the healthiest habit. We both expressed our desire to get healthier and start exercising. But it wasn’t going to be that easy. We both live off-campus and have jobs and busy class schedules. Making trips to the gym would be impractical for us. So we decided to work out from home.

We chose to do the video workout series Insanity, which is appropriately named. At first, we dreaded doing the workout each day, but now we look forward to it. Our roommates joined in, and now there are four of us working out together. It is still difficult to find the time to work out, but we keep each other motivated to meet for an hour six days a week. After just a few weeks I’m already feeling healthier, stronger, and more flexible.

I’d like to be able to say that we traded in our unhealthy habits for a healthier lifestyle, but we still make regular trips to the cupcakery. But now I can think of a cupcake as a reward instead of a guilty pleasure.