View from off-campus apartment

Dinner with a View

Living off campus means that I don’t have to move out as soon as finals end. This is great because I don’t have to worry about packing up or moving out while I’m studying for final exams. On the other hand, sticking around after finals can get lonely and boring since everyone is heading home for the summer.

My roommate and I still needed to move out since we were both heading off to summer internships, but we put it off for a week after finals. Our last few days in the apartment were quite uneventful and dull. We had already said our goodbyes to most of our friends for the summer and our apartment looked pretty sad after we started packing.

On our last night in the apartment, my roommate and I were going through all the kitchen cabinets making sure we weren’t leaving anything behind. In one of the higher cabinets we found a gift basket and a card. It was a welcome gift that our leasing agent had left for us when we moved in. My roommate and I began laughing as we took the gift down from the cabinet. How had we never opened that cabinet before? Inside was cheese, crackers, sparkling water, and other goodies all stuffed in an ice bucket.

My roommate and I joked about how useful an ice bucket would have been if only we had discovered it earlier. We could have thrown so many classy dinner parties in our apartment, with drinks chilled on ice.

And that sparked an idea. We didn’t have anyone to invite to a dinner party but why not have a fancy dinner for ourselves. We took our dinner table out onto our balcony since it was finally warming up outside. We lit a candle and set a bouquet of flowers as our centerpiece. We set the table, put drinks in our new ice bucket and had a picturesque dinner overlooking Arcadia’s Grey Towers Castle.

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