94.5 PST’s 4th Annual Bucks County Bridal Show
View from 94.5 PST’s 4th Annual Bucks County Bridal Show runway.

Can Write, Will Travel

Being a writer means anticipating surprises. Interests change, careers don’t always go as planned, and genius book ideas turn into three-sentence Word documents hidden under file names like “ansjghajsg.”

If you wake up one morning, look in the mirror and realize you’ve turned into J.K. Rowling … call me, because that’s awesome. But if you don’t, that’s ok, too. Writing can take you anywhere. That’s the beauty of its surprising nature: There are no limits as to what you can do with words, and there are infinite ways to improve your skill.

As I mentioned in a previous post, landing an internship at a bridal company was one of those unexpected writing adventures. I’d always imagined myself in a newsroom or PR firm, but I decided to take a semester to find out if my communication skills fit within the fashion industry.

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to attend 94.5 PST’s 4th Annual Bucks County Bridal Show at the Rose Bank Winery. L&H Bridal, the boutique that I work for, headlined the afternoon’s main event: a high-end fashion show.

The rustic winery, originally built in 1719, is situated on a beautiful farm with a barn, carriage-house-turned-reception-hall, and ballroom. Our runway was set up in the Rose Ballroom, where I spent the day surrounded by fellow social-media managers, publicists, designers, members of the WPST crew, broadcast journalists, DJs that I grew up listening to — and, of course, hundreds of excited brides.

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Prior to the event, it was my responsibility to design advertisements and promote the show everywhere I could. At the winery, I took charge of event coverage: social-media, photography, cupcake taste-testing. I was given the chance to work independently, a huge perk of this internship that has made me consider applying for jobs at small organizations after graduation. On top of that, I was able show all that I’ve learned collaboratively alongside my employers this semester — proving to myself that I’ve become a more well-rounded professional.

Though there were times throughout the eight-hour day that I felt like sneaking away to pet farm dogs and drink wine out in the vineyard, I resisted. (I mean, ok, I did pet a few dogs.) But I couldn’t just be a mindless intern that afternoon. This was the last event I’d be attending as a part of L&H, and the first time I felt like an “official” employee.

Still, amid the chaotic mix of vendors and wedding parties, I wondered if I truly fit in or was making the right decisions. At the end of the show, however, my supervisor approached me to say that he was so glad to have hired “an intern who loves to write.” Apparently, he had been more interested in my writing samples than my social-media management experience during the application process. His trust in me as a writer was what prompted him to let me do my own thing.

I discovered two things at the PST Bridal Show. One: Writers never stay in the same place. Whether it’s change in genre, medium, or career altogether, we’re always wandering toward something new. I realized that my job —no matter where I end up — will always be to absorb the craziness, wrap it all up, and present it to the world. That’s what I love to do, whether it’s at a fashion show or for a big name media outlet.

Two: There’s an adorable winery that offers $6 wine-tasting sessions just 25 minutes away from my house, 40 minutes away from Arcadia’s campus.