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Beating Back Finals Blues

You wake up at 8:03 and realize that your 7 a.m. alarm never went off on your phone because you tapped pm the night before. You try not to let it discourage you and you hurriedly get dressed and head to class. Once you get there, you attempt to print out the paper that’s due today. It’s on your flash drive that you now realize you left on the dresser in your dorm room. Fine. A few snags, but the day is sure to start looking up. It’s the last final of your 4 classes and it’s math. You sit down in class and you don’t have a pencil. No sweat. You know the answers so you opt to use your favorite blue Arcadia pen. You start the test and SPLAT! Blue ink all over your exam paper. This couldn’t get any worse. Yes, it could..

Truth is, I’ve experienced each of these scenarios at some point in my college career, but the good news is I’ve lived to tell about it. How did I do it? Well, I kept my cool for starters. But, more importantly, I found ways to offset the stress that finals brings on for so many of us.

Whether you’re struggling to pack up your campus housing for the break or pulling all-nighters to write papers or pass exams, there’s plenty of ways that we can all “keep calm.”

You may feel in over your head, but this, too, shall pass. 

Some of my favorite stress relief comes from Arcadia itself. There are stress-relief clinics that offer information on proper study habits and techniques. There are stress-management massages for anyone who needs an extra hand getting rid of tension. Another cool way that Arcadia helps is with animals. I’ve been fortunate enough to pet some fuzzy dogs during Finals Week. And, finally, food! Who doesn’t love a good comfort snack? There are organizations on campus that will drop off PB&J sandwiches or cookies in response to a simple text..

Another way to deal with the end-of-semester blues is to talk about it. I have personally been a part of several sessions where a few friends get together and talk about everything we have going on. Are your friends too busy? No problem. There’s staff all over campus, namely student health services, who would be more than willing to listen to your concerns and offer advice.

You don’t have to be alone for finals (unless you’re taking a test). During my freshman year, I had no idea that finals would be so hectic and I jumped on a bus home to Mom. If you live close enough and can afford it, I would highly recommend a dose of home.

Most of all, keep calm. You may feel in over your head, but this, too, shall pass. The stress is real, but it won’t get the best of you. Really.