Arcadia University celebrates the commencement of the undergraduate Class of 2015 on Friday, May 15, 2015.
Last year's undergraduate Commencement, May 15, 2015. In just a few months, this will be me!

Hello, Future…Almost

I can already picture it.

Hundreds of students filing in. “Pomp and Circumstance” playing. Excitement everywhere as we walk down the aisle on Arcadia’s harbor green, waving to proud family members and stealing a selfie any way we can. And then the moment we’ve all been waiting for. The walk across the stage, the bestowing of the coveted degree, and  one last savoring of our Big Moment,

And just like that, it’s hello, future.

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But that moment is still a few months away and I’ve got way too much to do before I can get to those tears of joy and sadness. My final semester has just begun and I’m already buried. Talk about hectic. I’m trying to absorb and enjoy this last semester, but my crazy and wonderful journey includes an overload of six courses, looking for an internship, making it to work-study twice a week, preparing for thesis and, of course, taking senior portraits and applying for graduation.

My crazy and wonderful journey includes an overload of six courses, looking for an internship, work-study twice a week, thesis, taking senior portraits and applying for graduation

As the first college graduate in my large immediate family, I’ve always known that there was a team of cheerleaders behind me every step of the way as I endured every aching moment of all-nighters, midterms and finals each semester. It’s that same encouragement that has brought me to this moment, only a few months from my graduation in May. It’s also the reason why I felt a great deal of stress thinking about how many people I would let down if I would not have completed this task. But my family has always assured me that a new tradition awaits and that they believe in me to finish what I started.

Although I’m feeling pretty optimistic about leaving school, I also find myself contemplating, “What’s next?” I have always been a lover of school and learning and I try to convince myself that I won’t miss the campus and classroom atmosphere, but shortly thereafter, I end up looking at graduate-school programs online.

I haven’t finalized plans or figured it all out. Continuing my education is a possibility. And life after Arcadia brings the scary aspect of repaying student loans. Without classes and a strict schedule, I will have more time to search for jobs, start my career path and maybe even take some of the many jobs that I’ve had to turn down because of school,

But for now, I’ve got plenty to do. One thing at a time.

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