Arcadia University has plenty of campus amenities that spark the interest of students on a daily basis. There’s the Stein Fireplace Lounge, the water feature, the Commons area, and the game room, to name a few. But, there’s no place on campus where I’ve spent more time, done more homework, drank more coffee, found more engaging conversations, or checked out more books than Landman Library (or “Club Brary”, as it has been nicknamed because of the amount time students spend hanging out there until 2 a.m.), which has aided me in more ways than I can count. It’s been a quiet safe haven when I need to get away. It was my office when I had a work-study position, and it’s also been ground zero for cramming and all-nighters during finals week.

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During my time at Arcadia I’ve watched the library upgrade both its technology and book collection. I remember as a freshman being intimidated by the big building with bluish gray tiles on the outside. It was where so many of my friends went before and after classes. I wasn’t sure if I was “scholarly enough.” Some people were there at all hours getting a head start on coursework and, let’s just say, me and procrastination have always been very good friends. But having the library and its resources so readily available only proved to be beneficial to me. At first, I could barely find my own books at the public library. I learned quickly that the staff is always around and helpful, and my relationship with the library began with them.

I wasn’t sure if I was “scholarly enough”…
I learned quickly that the staff is always around and helpful, and my relationship with the library began with them.

Calvin Wang is the sciences librarian who has never not known the answer to a question. He was also my work-study supervisor my first two years at Arcadia and and my professor for a university seminar on copyright protection. Michele Reale is also a librarian and I had the pleasure of interviewing her about the poetry she writes in her spare time. Ellen Lefebvre is the archive and catalog specialist. She helped me find old clippings of Arcadia newspapers before they went digital.

If there was ever a paper jam or printer fail, which usually happened when I was running late to class, staff at the front counter or circulation desk was always there to help. And, by the way, it doesn’t matter if you prefer Mac or Windows for your operating system. The library has you covered with both.

But the joy of Club Brary is also about learning and leisure, and connecting with others. There have been times when I found myself in deep conversation with complete strangers and other times when I was reserving rooms with classmates for a good study session. It’s that kind of comfortable place and not only am I no longer intimidated, I thoroughly enjoy being there.

I think I’ll come back every once in awhile just to sit on the comfy chairs and read my favorite book. And settle in to this place that was my second home.