student with tattoos in Rome

Jasmyn and her tattoos

When I got my first tattoo, the girl was like, “Oh, well, I’ll see you next week!” And I was like, “Uh, no?” And she replied like, “Yeah! Because once you get one, you just can’t stop!” And I just thought, “Okay… crazy lady…” And then I went back a year later, and have been literally every year since. Most of my tattoos are about people that are very close to me, and that I care a lot about. Though if I get any more, now it’ll be more about remembering a specific experience or a specific time. Like the one that my roommate gave me in the room. I can remember that day perfectly because of that…and my little alien tattoo reminds me of that daily.

I knew that I wanted a Rome tattoo, just ’cause this is the first and maybe only time I will be able to have a study abroad experience. I can live abroad, but when I do it, I won’t be able to be with the same group of people. I’ll be on my own, so it’ll definitely be a different experience. And so, I want to get one to remember this time that I’m having now. At first, the only one I could think of was the wolf because of the story of Rome with Romulus, Remus, and the Shewolf, but I think I want to get a circle. It’s an ongoing joke with my roommates about how small Rome is and how it keeps going—eternally!