the Chat Arcadia University staff

Lisa Wright works at the Chat

In the summer, I normally do Playstreet, where we close off our block from 10 to 4, and no cars come down, the kids get to play all day, and I serve them lunch and snacks. And it’s so fun, ’cause the city gives you little hula hoops, little toys and stuff for the kids to play with, and then I would normally go out and buy a little extra stuff, like volleyballs, stuff like that. It’s really a city program. They just needed people willing to come out and help, have Playstreet, and do stuff like that for the kids. Like on Fourth of July, if I wanna have a block party, I would block it off. That way kids could play, have fireworks. I like that, because I love kids. And they come to me like “Ms. Lisa, you gonna do Playstreet?” And I’m like, “It ain’t even summer yet.”