Milkshakes at Michael's Diner

Milkshakes and Nirvana

As I moved into my dorm, my mind was flooded with information – new names, new places, and new habits to acquire – but most of all, milkshakes, ice cream and other products that disagreed with my lactose intolerant self. It wasn’t long before I found water ice and ice cream in the dining halls, but I wanted more. And I didn’t have to look far. Just across the street is Michael’s Family Restaurant, diner of choice for most Arcadia students and local residents.

I was joined by a panel of ice cream and milkshake connoisseurs. My friends and I pushed two small tables together and plopped down in our seats, eager to feast on our sweet obsession. We were in heaven. The menu had six flavors of milkshakes and all began deciding who would get what. But then we received some disappointing news; only three flavors were available. Bummer.

But we weren’t about to be denied.  Amid the madness of my fellow milkshake aficionados debating their selections, I ordered a chocolate milkshake, and we slowly figured the rest out. We ordered two vanilla, two creamsicle, and three chocolate milkshakes. We weren’t going to drink as we originally intended, but our journey for milkshake nirvana would still march onward.

Soon enough, they arrived,  in nifty glasses reminiscent of classic ice cream parlors, except for the creamsicle milkshakes,  in styrofoam cups. They ran out of the cool milkshake glasses, but the milkshake judges thought it was neat that their milkshakes were now to-go.

The important thing is they were topped with authentic whipped cream, sweet, thick and fluffy. It sat like a pillow in my mouth.

The milkshakes that followed were just as good, if emptying our glasses in record time was any indication.

As we waited for our bill, we rated each milkshake – because we’re aficionados, of course.  The chocolate was very rich and that made it delightful. The smooth vanilla milkshakes slid down our throats like dairy rivers. The “creamsicles” name set off a debate between two judges – one Midwestern, one East Coast strong – over “creamsicle” versus “dreamsicle.” The chocolate and creamsicle drinkers seemed most satisfied, but any of the judges would recommend theirs. And at just $3.49 a pop, no one left complaining.

Michael’s may not be the Shangri-La of milkshakes, but for a bunch of broke college students, near, cheap and creamy was all we needed for our night of nirvana.

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