Knight's Networking Series
Students taking advantage of Career Education's Knight's Networking Series

How Giving Career Advice Gave Me Clarity

Every other day, I switch from being a student to an educator.

Yes, it feels weird.

Stepping into a leadership role teaches you just as much about yourself as you teach the people you’re leading.

As a Career Peer Advisor (CPA) with the Office of Career Education (OCE), I mentor fellow students through Express Advising sessions. During my sessions, I edit student résumés, give them KnightLink career software tutorials, and more.

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Most often, my role as a CPA is used to give students quick résumé reviews. By now I’ve vetted 20 or so résumés for students searching for jobs, internships, and completing assignments for senior seminars. Each student has taught me ways to improve my own résumé, whether it’s adjusting my formatting, creating better job descriptions, or tailoring it to the jobs I hope to obtain some day soon.

Soon, because my work with the OCE has led to me taking my own future a lot more seriously.

I’m a sophomore, which might seem like an early point to build a career, but it’s actually the perfect time to create meaningful experiences that add to my résumé and life experiences. I’m not 100% sure what I want to do after graduation (Straight to grad school? Start at a nonprofit? Try my hand at full-time writing?), so I’m applying to spring and summer internships to learn more about the work world.

Backed by the OCE, I feel like I can take any opportunity—and so can every Arcadia student out there.