Destinee Gines

Destinee Gines, Freshman Theater Major from TX

I chose Arcadia from the pictures of campus and what I felt like the theater department could offer me. I didn’t even visit Arcadia until 3 days before move-in, and was happy my spontaneous choice turned out so well. I love Arcadia because it has such a chill vibe. It’s beautiful, the people are just chilling — it makes for a good environment to learn. The most open-minded people go to this school, which makes college much less stressful.

And I love the staff — specifically the dining hall people. They’re all so nice and personable. They ask you how you are and joke with you. They’re genuinely great people.

Destinee Gines, a theater major from Texas, doesn’t shy away from being noticed– from reading utterly captivating work at a Black Lives Matter peaceful protest on campus to immersing in Arcadia’s student theater company, UnderSiege.