Malika Williams-Brooks

Malika Williams-Brooks ’20, Business Major, Creative Writing Minor

Choosing Arcadia was not a hard decision for me. I wanted to find a place where those who are different belong. What better place than the school with foreign students, positive LGBT communities, and a class about Harry Potter? College is more than these simple things, but I needed a next step in my life.

I’m uncertain as to what job I could have with a degree in Business and a minor in Creative Writing, but my dad was always a firm believer in doing ‘the next big thing,’ and I got pulled into the idea of doing something different and creating something that the world needs. Creativity is dying in the world of practicality, and as schools teach students that grades are the most important thing in the world, we lose parts of our imagination. I like how poems can be so nondescript and still convey a message. Creative writing is just like that. You can create whatever you want as long as you give the message.