Michelle Reale

Michelle Reale, Associate Professor of Access Services and Librarian Outreach

I think most people don’t realize how much time I’ve spent on Arcadia’s campus during my lifetime. In fact, I will tell you that starting from my great-grandfather, who was Mr. Harrison’s carriage driver (William Welsh Harrison, the original owner in 1881 of the property where Arcadia now resides); to my grandfather, who helped build some of the buildings here on campus; to myself, who got three degrees here, and to my children, who are all educated here, I have so much [history] on this campus. And because of Arcadia, I was allowed to grow. I always say that Arcadia raised me in a certain way. It shaped my concept of community, it shaped my concept of education, it shaped my concept of knowledge as a social act in a community with other scholars who are both students and professors and staff members who contribute so much. So I would have to say, definitely, because Arcadia helped me to grow, I am the person that I am today.