Grey Towers Castle walkway
My favorite walk on campus.

Getting Fit, Arcadia-style

Sierra, freshman year: Meditation? No, I could be spending that 30 minutes cranking out my latest stats assignment. Who needs exercise? I could be working my brain and writing an essay…or, uh, watching Netflix.

Sierra, now: Move past those sabotaging thoughts.

I’m all about small steps right now that I hope will turn into big changes for my health.

Though self-care is one of the more difficult habits to sustain in college, taking care of yourself is essential, especially when working on assignments and fretting about friends, GPA, study abroad, internships…you get the idea. I ended up gaining at least 20 pounds last school year, partially due to lack of exercise. So I worked to shape up my self-care plan, engaging in therapy, better eating habits, and hobbies outside of my sociology major.

One major key to the plan that was missing: exercise.

Sorry, fellow students. We have no excuse for skipping out. There are so many available exercise facilities, both outdoors and in the Kuch Center. My personal favorite is the Alumni Walk of Pride, which is dotted with the flags of different countries. Walking around is a great way to brush up on world cultures, while getting a killer leg workout on the hills of Arcadia.

The Kuch Center, though, is where the main fitness action is, especially when it’s cold outside. Along with the Alumni Walk of Pride, my favorite place to sneak in exercise before or after eating at the Chat is on the indoor track. Crank up your music to ignore the sports practices going on in the gym below, and find your own personal fitness groove. There are also two fitness centers and an aerobics room, places I admittedly have yet to try because I constantly forget to bring actual workout clothes. Soon, though, I will.

I’m all about small steps right now that I hope will turn into big changes for my health. I took that first step. How about you?