Olayinka Adesehinwa

Campus Runway, Knight Style: Part 2

As my fellow blogger Cliff explained in his previous post, we set out to find the biggest fashion trends and inspirations at Arcadia. After interviewing the University’s most stylish, we found that individuality defines Knight fashion and answers. One thing everyone seemed to agree on, however, was that self-expression, identity, and personalization is key when it comes to fashion, and what better place to be yourself than on Arcadia’s unique campus?

Jordan Cameron ’17 – English

Jordan CameronWhat are you wearing today?

I’m wearing a sweater—I think it’s Ralph Lauren? I got it at T.J. Maxx and it’s an extra large, so it’s long on me.

Some black pants, black socks, a pair of my mom’s old shoes; worn down, also black. And a jacket, also from my mom. It’s blue and from the 80s, and I stole it from her childhood closet.

What’s the inspiration for your look and personal style?

The main inspiration for my look today, and for my personal style, is definitely the 80s. A lot of that comes from my mom because she was in high school in the height of 80s-TM fashion. So, that’s really influential on me in general and today.

A lot of neon, or no?

I dabble. I dabble in the neon. I tend to wear muted tones, neutral colors, but I won’t say no to neon.

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion. I think fashion is a good way of expressing yourself—which is really trite, but it’s a good way to express not just your personality, but also your mood or interests. I don’t think anybody really has to be consistent with their aesthetic or brand if they don’t want to. And sometimes that itself can be an aesthetic. If that makes sense.

Saradis Disla ’19 – Pre-Art Therapy

IMG_2072What are you wearing today?

Well, everything I get comes from different places, mainly thrift stores, so I can’t actually tell you brands of most of the things I’m wearing, which I actually prefer. I like to own things that nobody else has. Everybody can have a leather jacket, but not everybody would have a leather jacket with this on it. Everything that I wear I try to customize to my own liking.

I like denim a lot! And I didn’t even realize, but I only own like four colors for my clothing, so whenever I throw something on, it happens to match already, which is kind of nice. Today I have a denim jacket, a denim hat, my bookbag (not pictured) is denim, and my shoes are blue, so it all came together nicely.

What’s the inspiration for your personal style in general? 

I’m an artist, so I try to show that I’m proud of it. I like the idea of me being a canvas, so I dress as if I’m a walking piece of art. You know? Even if it’s minor, it’s an idea I like to have and a thing that I can do for myself.

What does fashion mean to you?

I am kind of against the stereotypical idea of fashion–that you should be wearing what is trending and so on. I never paid attention to that. I think that, to be successful in fashion, you kind of have to do your own thing and have your own style regardless of everything that’s going around. And I think that’s what fashion really is–having a brand for yourself and not just wearing what you’re taught to wear.

Owen Hale ’17 – Scientific Illustration


What are you wearing today?

Today, I am wearing an L.L.Bean button-down shirt, a pair of EMS pants—the fence-mender variety. And waterproof Merrells, as always. And some darn tough socks made in Vermont!

What about your scarf and your hat?

Oh right, of course! I’m wearing my–I guess signature hat, which I always wear. It’s Country Gentleman brand, brimmed. I guess “Fedora” is the technical term, but that has a weird connotation now. Even though the thing we think of when we say “Fedora” is not a Fedora, it’s a Trilby. Um, but yeah, we can go with, “Indiana Jones Hat.” It has three Yellow-Shafted Northern Flicker feathers and one Cedar Waxwing feather tucked in the brim, and it also has a pin of one of the shields of the Rohirrim from Lord of the Rings.

I’m also wearing a buff—I think they call them multi-functional headwear, or something. But it’s basically a tube scarf that is patterned with sections of an Appalachian trail map, mostly through Virginia.

What’s the inspiration for your look and personal style?

Honestly, I’m only wearing a button down today because I’m going to “87 Knights” (an event on campus held for seniors to celebrate the countdown to graduation), and I was like, “I should look a little fancier for the alumni.” In general, I go for functional clothing, but usually most of what I wear also has a slightly historical, older element to it. I really like the idea and the look and the aesthetic of the mid-century outdoors. So, you know, a lot of L.L.Bean is still that way, and other such things like wool, flannel, leather, and cotton; natural fibers rather than a bunch of synthetic stuff.

Overall, I think that practicality is one of the most important things when it comes to clothing. I almost always wear waterproof shoes because you never really know. Usually if shoes are waterproof, they’ll also have some good tread, and they’re gonna support you well when you’re knocking around in the woods.

What does fashion mean to you?

I think for the most part, fashion suggests clothing choices made for largely, if not purely, aesthetic reasons. Which, might not be entirely true? When I think of fashion, I think, “Oh yes! I chose to wear that because I like how it looks,” which, I feel doesn’t entirely apply to my own choices because most of what I’m wearing I choose because of the practical value of it. I’m wearing a plaid button down shirt because it’s a plaid button down shirt. But, I guess the more I think about it, the more aesthetic did influence this, you know? It’s L.L.Bean, it’s got that element of history to it, and  I think that is definitely something that informed my choice.

Olayinka Adesehinwa ’17 – International Studies

OlayinkaWhat are you wearing today? 

I don’t wear brands! I’m really big on thrifting, so two, three pieces actually: my purse, my shirt, and my scarf are thrifted. Then I got my pants from an online shop. I’m very big on: Even though the clothes are inexpensive, they don’t look cheap. That’s my thing. Don’t look cheap but look put together, even if the prices may be two, three dollars.

What’s the inspiration for your look today?

My inspiration? Ok, so the weather is decent today. It’s really nice actually, but we’re still in winter, so my top is all covered, but I paired it with an open-toed shoe to give it a summer vibe–still conserved enough for winter so I’m not cold and exposed. And I chose darker colors because, you know, that’s still with the winter theme.

What’s the inspiration for your personal fashion?

Ahhh, I don’t have one! If I like it, I wear it, you know? Some people have to have an, “I only wear this type of thing, or that type of thing,” but for me, if it goes together, then sure! Sometimes I’ll wear crazy colors, but they match and go together. I don’t have a specific, rigid way of dressing. It’s how I feel. If I wake up in the morning and I want a skirt, I’ll wear a skirt.

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion to me is like a blank canvas, you know? If you start with a white canvas, you can put anything on it. You can mix and match colors. You can add patterns and designs and anything. And that to me is just a way of creatively expressing yourself. Every morning you can start over. Every morning is a new slate–you can wear whatever you want. That’s fashion to me. That’s me.