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Take time to breathe, especially on nice days.

The Senior’s Guide to Surviving Limbo

Seniors, we have an interesting relationship with spring. We love the sun and hate the bugs. We love working with our favorite professors on our favorite subjects for thesis, but we hate the stress. We love the excitement of graduating, but we hate the terror of facing our futures. We’re in limbo. We’re waiting to hear back from grad schools or we’re trying to find jobs. We’re not sure where we’re going. But, we also want to enjoy our last semester at Arcadia. Here are some ways to make the most out of your senior spring, without having any idea about what you’re doing next in your life:

Explore Off Campus

Slow down. Look around. Spend time with friends before you all go off into the world.

You might have made it to the mall, a favorite bookstore, or a coffee shop off campus, but there’s so much more to see, near and far. The Glenside public library is a great study space and is just a few blocks from campus. Gracies is a great restaurant to go to with friends just down the street. In the city, there are quirky museums, breathtaking murals, and unlimited food choices. Use this opportunity to explore Glenside and Philadelphia while you can still call this place home.

Apply for New Opportunities

If you’re waiting to hear back from grad school, an internship, a job, or a research position, it can be nerve-wracking to not know what your future holds. If you’re anxious about getting rejected, try applying for new opportunities. Ask your professors if they are doing any research that they need help with or know of any good companies that offer internships. Set up a meeting with career services to find out about other jobs you can apply for. Travel, volunteer, or work at a summer camp. The more applications you put out into the world, the more likely you’ll get accepted into the place where you’re meant to be!

Use Resources

Did you know that at Arcadia you can get any article free through interlibrary loan? Did you know that if you find a cool event going on in the city, you can ask your RA to make it a hall program and use the hall budget? Did you know that you can spend your meal swipes on other food at the Chat to stock up on groceries? You’re graduating soon, so don’t forget to take advantage of the wonderful things Arcadia still has to offer before you’re gone.

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Dig Deeper

Despite its small size, you still might not have been to every building at Arcadia. There’s still food you haven’t tried at the Chat or the Dining Hall, and books you haven’t read in the library. During the past few years, you’ve fallen into habits and relied on your favorite things on campus to get you through the week. See if there are new clubs you can join, professors you can meet, or new study places that you can discover.

Campus sunsets = limbo vibes.

“Spring” semester at Arcadia means snow and sun. But campus sunsets = limbo vibes.

Be Thankful

Our professors, peers, and mentors have worked tirelessly all throughout our college careers to help us succeed. Setting up a meeting to check in or sending a quick thank-you email is always appreciated. Don’t forget to touch base with the people who are invested in your future and have helped you throughout your years at college. Let them know what your future plans are, and if there’s anything they can do to help, like write a letter of recommendation that you can keep on file.


This is the most important piece of advice for any senior. Slow down. Look around. Spend time with friends before you all go off into the world. Enjoy your leadership positions and club meetings. Hang out with your favorite professors. Take time to enjoy the beautiful flowers appearing in the spring. Walk, read, listen to music, make travel plans, go to parties, and write. You don’t know where you’re going next, but you do know that you’re going to be able to handle anything the world throws at you. So enjoy this last semester before you graduate–you made it!