Haber Green
Laugh a lot. Soak up the sun on Haber Green with your friends. (Especially if they are fabulous like you!)

Au Revoir and Wilkommen

To my sweet, soon-to-be Alma Mater,

As I look out the library window, at your vibrant green and majestic Grey Towers, I find myself wondering: How do I even begin to consolidate four years of growth, adventure, and emotion into a succinct, good-bye letter? From Day One, I knew I wasn’t going to get an average experience with you. You’ve given me the world, and I loved it.

Muito obrigada for teaching me how to think critically, debate for what I believe in, and never take things at face value.

Grazie mille for introducing me to some of the most spectacular human beings on the planet. Between professors and fellow students, I don’t know that I have ever been so motivated and inspired to flourish and chase my dreams as I have been in the past 4 years.

FYSAE London

FYSAE London 2013. I had no idea what adventures would lie ahead!

Arigato gozaimasu (ありがとうございます) for showing me the world. I’ve visited two continents outside of North America with you. I get to say that I lived in London and Rome, and spent spring break in Tokyo… for the purpose of pursuing my education. Only at Arcadia, am I right?

Merci beaucoup for the experiences outside of the classroom that are just as important as the ones inside. These work-exchange experiences helped me grow professionally. I see it when looking back at first-year me making cold calls to alumni, to sophomore-me working as an assistant director of training for the Arcadia ambassador program, to junior-me writing for an award-winning student blog (the very one you are reading!), and now, to senior-me tutoring Italian and leading a volunteer group on campus.

Senior Soiree

FYSAE London 2013 to Senior Soirée 2017: So happy to have shared these 4 years with you intelligent ladies.

Danke schön, xièxiè (谢谢), muchas gracias, shukran (شكرا)… Thank you.

And please give a note to your incoming Class of 2021:

Get ready to embark on what could be the most fun, dynamic, exciting, and challenging years your young lives have seen yet. How? Here’s some unsolicited advice. If there is a trip, take it. If there is an event, go. To the person sitting next to you in class, say hello. If you’re assigned readings, do them. If there’s free food, eat it. Get the drift? Explore Philadelphia. Eat way too much fried food at Michael’s diner across the street. Stay up late laughing with your friends. Engage with your professors and peers who might be different than you. Take advantage of each and every single opportunity you will be offered during your years here. Thrive!

Your soon-to-be proud and successful alumna,

Isabela Secanechia