Helen Armstrong ’18

Helen ArmstrongHi! I’m a junior Print Communication major, Creative Writing minor at Arcadia. I’ve studied abroad in London and Italy, but now I’m trying to make every second spent in the Eastern Standard Time zone count.
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Jess Derr ’20

“JessicaI’m a freshman English major and lacrosse player hailing from Willow Grove, Pa., a grand 10 minutes away. I’ve been told I’m the less cool version of April Ludgate. Dogs are my everything. Latest posts.

Sierra Elmore ’19

“SierraI’m a sophomore Sociology major, Creative Writing minor, and FYSAE alum. I’ve visited Scotland, London, and Rome. In my spare time, I write young adult contemporary novels about social issues and mental health. Latest posts.

Dori Feinstein ’18

“DorianeI’m a junior transfer student studying Acting and Communications. I intend to pursue live theater and improvisational comedy. When I’m not performing, I love to crochet, draw, take photos, and seek out adventures!
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Nicole Gieselman ’19

Nicole GieselmanI’m a sophomore studying Global Media, and I’m spending my fall semester in Sydney, Australia. My hobbies include finding adventures in unlikely places and attempting to befriend each and every person that I meet. Latest posts.

Marcella Haddad ’17

Marcella HaddadI’m a senior majoring in Language Learning and Teaching with a minor in Creative Writing. My life goals are to ride a dragon and pay off my student loans, but I recognize that the second one is unrealistic.
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Cliff Long ’17

Cliff LongI’m a senior Political Science major from New Jersey, a leader of both the campus radio and IPAL volunteer group, a peer mentor, conversation partner, a lover of Philly, and always plotting my next trip. Latest posts.

Spencer David Potts ’20

Spencer David PottsI like aliens, Twitter, and my middle name. I am a recent Neshaminy High School grad, formerly a writer/editor/etc. on my school paper and lit mag. I am studying Creative Writing and I hope to grow as a writer at Arcadia. Latest posts.

Isabela Secanechia ’17

Isabela SecanechiaCiao! I’m a senior Italian Studies major, minoring in international studies and psychology. I studied in London, Perugia, and Rome. I love traveling and studying languages, just as much as I love yoga and a good cup of coffee. Latest posts.

Jamie Stewart ’17

“JamieI’m a Creative Writing major from NJ graduating a semester early this December. When I’m not writing I’m reading (or mistaking diners for craft stores). To read that humiliating story (and more) check out my posts! Latest posts.