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Can you meet deadlines? Communicate concisely? Consider applying for Because Arcadia to show Arcadia from your perspective as a storyteller. Take your readers with you as you pursue your interests, whether you’re coordinating a campus event for a student club, studying abroad for a semester, competing on a sports team, taking Honors classes, doing a research project, navigating freshman year, or completing a degree as a transfer student.

No writing experience? That’s ok. We train and mentor bloggers throughout the semester. We’re committed to finding vibrant student voices that represent a wide range of majors.


Our Mission

At Because Arcadia, we want to convey some of what’s possible as an Arcadia University student. To do that, we publish content that informs, entertains, and shows what distinguishes our University from others.

A team of undergraduate student contributors (you!) provides the material, sharing authentic experiences they have on campus, in the region, and around the world. They blog about what’s happening inside and outside of the classroom, the staff and professors who support and challenge them, and the different ways they put what they learn at Arcadia into practice. In short, Because Arcadia aims to:

  • Demonstrate the value of an Arcadia education.
  • Offer a compelling glimpse into life at Arcadia for prospective students across the country.
  • Extend the classroom, providing a rigorous applied learning experience for student bloggers.

The Perks

  • Paid experience: Each core contributor receives a stipend for completed work.
  • Professional mentorship from an alum: Because Arcadia Editor Sandra Clark ’14MBA is also vice president for news and civic dialogue at WHYY, and the former managing editor of The Philadelphia Inquirer. (Incredible, right?)
  • Work from anywhere: You can blog from any spot on campus— Easton Cafe, Landman Library, your residence hall, Haber Green— or around the world. All you need is a computer and internet connection.
How to Apply

Ready to Write?

Each semester, we look for storytellers, photographers, and videographers to join the Because Arcadia team. We are currently accepting applications for 2017-18.


Here are some examples of the kind of work Because Arcadia editors want you to produce. We encourage you to read these blog posts and then refer to our synopses below to understand why these stories stand out.

‘Making My Own Magic Universe’

Marcella shows the importance of storytelling in this post, providing descriptive imagery, an engaging headline, and a powerful introduction that capture the reader’s attention. Instead of supplying a chronological account of study abroad (first I did this, then I saw that), Marcella begins in medias res, weaving memories of her teaching experience in Italy with an explanation of her Language Learning and Teaching major. In addition thoughtful writing, Marcella introduces a fresh topic to Because Arcadia by offering a helpful how-to for current and prospective students who may be interested in creating their own academic path. Read the story.

‘Stars in the City’

Nicole is honest and authentic as she recounts her life-changing move from Kansas to Pennsylvania. Through this post, she breaks down her concerns and offers a positive solution, while highlighting Glenside’s proximity to the city, offering information about the Philadelphia region, and addressing the topic of homesickness for students traveling from other states or countries. Nicole’s writing is clear and concise, without sacrificing striking imagery (“Stars were everywhere, scattered across the sky like glitter on a first-grade girl’s art project”). Additionally, ‘Stars in the City’ demonstrates effective usage of existing photography. Read the story.

‘I Heart The Arc’

Cliff establishes a rapport with his readers by sharing examples of music around the world, a brief history of Arcadia’s radio station, and an overview of his relationship with music. His topic—reviving a student club or organization—is thoughtfully geared toward a diverse audience: he offers a glimpse into life at Arcadia, shows how to apply study abroad experiences to on-campus projects, and illustrates opportunities for creative exploration, leadership, and independent work at Arcadia. A bonus: Cliff includes multimedia in his post, connecting readers to his extracurricular interests and adding an innovative feature to Because Arcadia. Read the story.

Keywords for you, in conclusion: If you want to be a successful blogger, tell stories. Take your reader straight into the action. Interact with the material, organize your ideas, and allow your story take you somewhere, too.

Pitching Posts

Submit Your Stories

  • Create a Google document titled, “FirstName LastInitial Story Ideas Posts 1 and 2 SemesterAndYear” (i.e. Courtney W Story Ideas Posts 1 and 2 Fall 2016).
  • Upload your Google doc in the Basecamp project.